Cookie Policy

We use cookies on our website to be able to identify visitors to our websites, maintain the functionality of our websites and introduce improvements to aid with a better user experience for our visitors.

We aim to provide you with the relevant information about the cookies we use and the purposes of such use with this cookie policy.


Cookies are small text files that are used by websites to store information about visitors to the website in the form of files kept on the visitors’ devices. You can adjust the configurations of your Internet browser to refuse cookies on your device.

Cookies may serve many functions, including allowing us to recognize visitors when they return to view our website. Depending on the cookie that has been utilized, separate information such as other web browsing activities and preferences may also be collected to help us better understand the general profiles of our visitors and develop and improve our website accordingly.


Technical Cookies: We use certain cookies that are required to be able to provide our website with the functionality and features that have been incorporated into the website’s design. Such features may include areas of our website that are designated as secure areas or areas of our website that displays content based on the device visitors use. These types of cookies are essential for the functioning of our website and by disabling this type of cookies, visitors may be prevented from making use of the full functionality of the website.

Preference Cookies: We use certain cookies that enable our website to remember the preferences of our visitors that have been made during past visits. Such preferences may include preferred language, the region that you are in, text size and viewing options for content in the Insights section of the website. The information collected via these cookies are anonymised and cannot be used to identify individual visitors.

Statistical Analytical Cookies: We use certain cookies that allow us the chance to evaluate the use and trends relating to our website, such as the most viewed pages and how visitors interact with certain features. The information collected via these cookies is aggregated and anonymous. Therefore, no information is collected in a manner that can identify any individual visitor.

Marketing Analytical Cookies: We use certain cookies that allow us to track traffic levels and visits to and from our website. Such tracking allows us to optimize our website and provide more engaging content that will appeal to individual visitors. Such cookies may store preferences and information based on our visitors’ IP addresses, which are unique numbers assigned to each individual device. We may also use such cookies together with any marketing communication or newsletters we send you to be able to determine the effectiveness of such communication. This, in turn, will allow us to design more engaging and more relevant content both on our website and in any communication we send you.


A pop-up regarding our use of cookies and a link to our cookie policy will be displayed the first time you visited our website. Should we use cookies that require your consent due to the collection of personally identifiable information, the banner will require your consent to such cookie use. Unless you provide consent over the relevant option on the banner, cookies requiring such consent will not be placed on your devices.

Should you want to opt-out of cookies, either for certain cookies or for cookies in their entirety, you can use your browser settings to view installed cookies and either opt-out of or delete the cookies accordingly.

As stated above, disabling cookies in their entirety may result in certain content or functionality features of our website becoming accessible to you.